[WriteLog] Module for WRTC 2010 Participants

Wayne, W5XD w5xd at writelog.com
Sat Jun 5 15:39:36 PDT 2010

This note is for WRTC 2010 participants only, and only for those planning to
use WriteLog. If you are not traveling to Moscow, then you do not need this
new module (but you are welcome to install it and test it if you like).

The exchange for WRTC 2010 participants matches the IARU HF contest, but the
points and multiplier checking does not. The WRTC 2010 module is a new
module that logs the IARU HF exchange, but displays multipliers and scores
per the rules specific to the WRTC participants competing in Moscow.

1. Download this file:
2. Once downloaded, right click on it from File Manager and choose "Install"
3. The next time you run WriteLog, and choose File New, there will be a
"WRTC 2010 Participant" selection.
4. In order for it to get the intercontinental QSO point rule correct, you
must set this WRITELOG.INI entry to a prefix in IARU zone 29. Here is what I
5. The module can be un-installed with a right click and "Uninstall", or
from Control Panel/Add-Remove-Programs

Unfortunately, this module is essentially a from-scratch module and
therefore does not benefit from testing of the old IARU HF module. I have
tested what I think might break, but there is a risk that I have not thought
of something, so I ask you do simulate everything you would do in the
contest--including importing and exporting any files.  Here are things that
I know of that might break in a new multiplier module:

1. Cabrillo export
2. ADIF import and export
3. Does it recognize all the appropriate multipliers? (DXCC countries, IARU
officials, and IARU HQ stations)
4. Does it assign the right number of points per the rules for zones,
5. The Band Summary window should display qsos/pts/mults correctly
6. Tools Preset Exchange from ADIF... should work with .adi files created
using the IARU HF module.
7. Entering calls should use the WL_CTY.DAT lookup for IARU zones from the
call prefix in order to fill in the received ZONE. And it should get the
right zone.

I think all the above are working properly. My biggest nightmare, however,
is that something I did not think of is broken, and nobody else tests it
before the contest. So be creative.

Let me know.
Wayne, W5XD

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