[WriteLog] Weird mouse behavior

Alan Marshall acmd at rcn.com
Sat Jun 26 10:25:54 PDT 2010


I seem to remember from a while back that the default mouse wheel increment 
was set at 10 Hz and I don't believe it required a setting in the ini file. 
I think the setting there was to change the increment to another value.

    -Alan, W1CCE

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> Was setting up my radio in the RV for Field Day yesterday and noticed
> something weird I've never seen before.  Using WL V10.76H, Icom-756PRO,
> Microkeyer II, ASUS net book running XP, Microsoft wireless mouse.
> Everything seemed to be working ok, I could receive, send, had the band 
> map,
> the F keys worked, etc.
> However I suddenly noticed that when I moved the mouse the frequency on 
> the
> radio started changing.  No matter which way I moved the mouse the radio
> frequency decreased in increments of 100 Hz; always down, never up.  I use
> the Mouse_Wheel_Hz=100 command in my ini file, but this has never given me 
> a
> problem before either in the base station or the portable RV setup.  I
> edited writeLog.ini and removed the Mouse_Wheel command completely and
> restarted WL.  The same behavior occurred!  Radio frequency incremented 
> down
> in 100 Hz steps even though there was no Mouse_Wheel command in the ini
> file.  It's not RF related as I wasn't transmitting.
> Shut down WL and rebooted the net book.  After the reboot the drifting
> frequency problem with mouse movement went away, but now I notice that 
> when
> I turn the mouse wheel the radio frequency shifts in 10 Hz increments.
> Again, no Mouse_Wheel command in the ini file.  Now the frequency shifts
> both ways, up and down, depending on the mouse wheel direction.  I am
> puzzled as to why this happened to start with and further puzzled by why 
> the
> mouse wheel can shift the radio frequency without the Mouse_Wheel command 
> in
> the ini file.  Anyone ever seen this?  Any ideas on what is going on?
> 73,
> Gary AL9A
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