[WriteLog] Cabrillo for Field Day

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Sun Jun 27 15:50:33 PDT 2010

No more replies needed regarding my request about a cabrillo file for FD. 
Several guys have answered.  Thanks to all.


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> On 06/27/2010 02:45 PM, DickT-W0RAA wrote:
>> Is anybody having a problem with the Cabrillo File choice in Wl being
>> "gray'd out?"  I'm running WL ver. 10.75N and can't create a cabrillo 
>> file
>> for FD submission.  Maybe the ARRL doesn't beed one and their web site
>> submission form is all that's necessary?
>> Any assistance will be appreciated.
>> Dick
>> W0RAA
> No log needs to be submitted for FD therefore the Cabrillo format is not
> available.
> Mike, W1NR

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