[WriteLog] CW delay

Edward H Russell ehr at qrv.com
Mon Mar 1 11:43:12 PST 2010

I have also experienced this with WinKeyer USB II, and reported it to Wayne.
In my case it does not have to do with special characters or accelerators.
My workaround is to use full breakin.

73 Ed W2RF

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> I noticed that writelog has a delay to release ptt when i send a cw
> message.
> the delay is more when i use <> in memory. for example i have this memory
> <<cq>> sv1dpi sv1dpi <<test>>
> I have not a space at the end (after the <<test>>)
> I have not problem also when is send f3= call tu sv1dpi
> I tried without the accelerators <> but the problem remains but little
> less.
> The delay is something more than a dit and loose the first dit from the
> other station.
> The only solution is to press escape when the message stops and this
> solves
> my problem
> My setup here is windows xp - interface mk2r+ and yaesu markv and i have
> noticed it with 26-30 wpm.
> When i use the mk2r+ memories i have not this problem.
> So i suppose that it is software-computer related.
> Anyone else has noticed this? and better has a solution?
> Kostas sv1dpi
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