[WriteLog] LoTW TQ8 files: WL vs TQSL?

Bill Gillenwater gillie at pa.net
Wed Mar 10 05:56:53 PST 2010

I would process both of them. It does no harm. If there are "repeat" QSO's 
the LOTW system will throw one out. My guess is both files are the same, 
maybe each piece of software uses a different set  of "start" and "end" file 
gibberish. You can also see a report in LOTW of what you processed, that 
should close the loop.
73 Bill K3SV

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>I created the TQ8 file from inside WL 10.6x after last weekend's ARRL DX
> contest. It was 120k in size.
> I then created a TQ8 file with the ARRL's TQSL program, using the
> Cabrillo file created by WL. It was 124k in size.
> Should I be concerned that they are different?
> The only reason I can think of as the cause of the difference is that
> the file created from the Cabrillo included two dupes, and possibly the
> WL generated one didn't include them.
> There's no way I know of to see what's in the TQ8 file.
> Thoughts?
> Eric W3DQ
> Washington, DC
>  .
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