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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
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Hi Stein,

I've never had consistent results with the record on the fly feature of WL, either with my PC soundcard or the MK II sound card.  If you have your MK II connected properly you shouldn't need any other cable hook ups.  Record on the fly is supposed to work like this.  Press Shift+Fn, the Function key number you want to record.  That puts WL into record mode.  Say your message into the mike - you don't need to key PTT as the MK II will do it for you.  When done with the message press Esc key to cancel recording.  Go the Setup CW/SSB/RTTY messages and look at the SSB messages.  The F key you recorded should have the name <MSGn.WAV> in upper case letters.  Cancel out of the window and try to send your new message with the F key you recorded.  At this point it should work.

My problem is sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't - mostly it doesn't..  When I hit the Shift+Fn the MK II PTT kicks in and the Line LED blinks.  I say my message and I can see from the spectrum scope on the IC-7600 that the audio is transmitting and I can hear it in the earphones via the Monitor.  When I press Esc the PTT drops.  I then press the Fn key to play the new message.  The MK II keys PTT and the message plays - nothing!  It has recorded an empty message.  The old message has been overwritten with an empty message!  When I look at the Fn memory bank it still has the title <msgn.wav> in lower case letters.  If a new message records it should be in upper case.  I have Vista so I'm not sure if that is the problem preventing the writing out of a new audio file name.  My writelog.ini file has the wave file location path set so it is not in the Program Files folder.  Vista doesn't let user programs write anything to the Program Files folder, but for some reason the file is not being saved correctly.  It looks like a messae is being recorded, but that message doesn't contain any audio, just an empty file.  This has always left me stumped.

Sorry I couldn't be more help.

Gary AL9A

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  Hi Gary


  How doing ? J


  I dumb question.. how do you get the writelog to get the audio from the micro phone to record a new message?


  Is that meaning Line OUT of the MK keyer box ???? and put into a Y on the soundcard for MIC or line IN ???


  I also experienced a Silent message recording..


  73 LA6FJA 




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  >>> >>

  >>> >> I'm playing around with WL (V10.73D) and my Microkeyer II getting

  >>> >> ready for the CQWW DX SSB contest next weekend.  I'm

  >>> trying to record

  >>> >> a message on the

  >>> >> fly to see how it works, as I've never been successful with

  >>> >> that on my

  >>> >> various laptop shack computers.  After acquiring the MKII Joe

  >>> >> W4TV indicated

  >>> >> that with the MKII record on the fly would now work.

  >>> >> Unfortunately I'm

  >>> >> still unable to get it to work.

  >>> >>

  >>> >> When I hit Shift + F6 the MKII keys the radio (IC-756PRO) and as I

  >>> >> say the message into my Heil headset mike I can see the

  >>> wave form on

  >>> >> the spectrum

  >>> >> display vary and the ALC meter shows output.  I hit Esc to stop the

  >>> >> recording and then hit F6 to play it back.  The MKII keys the

  >>> >> radio again,

  >>> >> but the message is empty - it just plays a lot of silence.

  >>> >> On the WL Sound

  >>> >> board setup window I've got Enable Recording Loop and Echo

  >>> >> Microphone both

  >>> >> checked.  Anyone got a clue as to what I'm missing?

  >>> >>

  >>> >> 73,

  >>> >> Gary AL9A




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