[WriteLog] Signalink USB as voice keyer

Bill K2OWR k2owr at comcast.net
Fri Mar 12 07:05:46 PST 2010

I bought this thing because it was rated better than the rigblaster, which gave me a lot of trouble in the past with RFI. I got the 8 pin round mic connector to match my FT950. I had thought you simply plug the connector into the radio and plug your mic somewhere else. There is no mic connector on the little box, nor is there a cable????

So I can use it to call CQ contest, but I cannot answer anybody??

Seriously, anybody know what I forgot to order? I know this thing is used by contesters, but how? Oh, the FT950 does not appear to have an accessory jack where I can plug the mic instead.
My intention was to use this with my beloved Writelog software.

 BTW, Tigertronics only takes calls on certain days of the week.....sigh


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