[WriteLog] Signalink USB as voice keyer

Bill K2OWR k2owr at comcast.net
Fri Mar 12 17:21:15 PST 2010

:::: Thanx Trent. I spoke to them today and while they said the device is 
not primarily intended to be used for my purpose, he suggested that it 
should be no problem to simply configure the Signalink output to the 
datalink connector on the FT950, and input the audio and keying through it. 
Then I can leave the mic connected to the normal front connector, intact. 
Then all that has to be done, HOPEFULLY, is configure Writelog to access it, 
and point to the main pc wav. files for playback and keying. The only 
remaining problem is to configure Writelog to stop the outgoing playback via 
something simple, like the spacebar and start it with the normal function 
key. Then I can simply hit the spacebar, and key the mic to come back to all 
those hundreds of stations answering my CQ :-)

I think Rigblaster senses the ptt on the mic to stop the playback because it 
interfaces to the mic plug itself.

Anyone else who has used the Signalink this way, and I'm sure there must be 
lots of you, please comment!


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> Hi bill. We have used the signal link usb for multi modes but drew a blank 
> on voice keyer. I have not tried it but I think if you attach a good 
> quality microphone to the sound card mic input and then use a virtual 
> audio cable to the usb it should allow you to record wav files as well as 
> modulate the rig via the signal link. Trent vk4ti
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> I bought this thing because it was rated better than the rigblaster, which 
> gave me a lot of trouble in the past with RFI. I got the 8 pin round mic 
> connector to match my FT950. I had thought you simply plug the connector 
> into the radio and plug your mic somewhere else. There is no mic connector 
> on the little box, nor is there a cable????
> So I can use it to call CQ contest, but I cannot answer anybody??
> Seriously, anybody know what I forgot to order? I know this thing is used 
> by contesters, but how? Oh, the FT950 does not appear to have an accessory 
> jack where I can plug the mic instead.
> My intention was to use this with my beloved Writelog software.
> BTW, Tigertronics only takes calls on certain days of the week.....sigh
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