[WriteLog] AutoSaveCount=-1 Not Working

Ken Widelitz widelitz at gte.net
Sat Mar 13 10:10:20 PST 2010

Hi Don,

I'm using WinXP and it is in the Configuration section.

I have the "-" based on the following from K9JY's website:

"Auto Save Count [Configuration]

If this parameter is not in your WriteLog.ini file, you will get at least
two emails after every contest from the reflector asking how to get rid of
the dialog box that asks you after every 20 QSO's to save your log and
having to interrupt your flow in the contest to do so. To specify the auto
save enter ONE of the following options in the [Configuration] section of
the WriteLog.ini file:

AutoSaveCount= -1 (this option will cause WriteLog to NOT auto save)

AutoSaveCount= x (where X is the number of QSO's for WriteLog to auto save
the file. 10 means save the file after every 10 QSO's, 100 means save the
file after every 100 QSO's. Please Note that you will NOT lose QSO's that
are not auto saved. All QSO's are put into a temporary file that is fully
recoverable if not saved.)"

Now that you've made me look at it again, I see there is a space between the
equal sign and the -1. Maybe that is the answer. I'll check and report back.

73, Ken, K6LA / VY2TT

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