[WriteLog] CAT commands

John Bastin jbastin at sssnet.com
Thu Mar 25 20:08:43 PDT 2010

On Mar 24, 2010, at 23:19:24, DONALD A HILL wrote:
> You can clear RIT in a message by use of the %O command.  Unfortunately, this does not apply to Icom radios.  As far as I know, Icom has not implemented a command to clear the RIT, at least not in radios from PRO III and before.

I've also had the problem on my FT2000 that the %O command not only clears the RIT (OK), but it turns it OFF (not OK). I can't just turn the knob, then, I have to remember to turn it back on. Doesn't always happen when running and other things on my mind...:-)


John K8AJS
jbastin at sssnet.com

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