[WriteLog] keyboard shortcuts.

Russell Hill rustypers at earthlink.net
Fri Mar 26 06:45:08 PDT 2010

Hello, All;

I have just last night upgraded to the latest and greatest.

I still have 2 problems:
    1.  When I set up keyboard shortcuts, then subsequently shut down the program and re-open it, my shortcuts have disappeared.  I do click 'add shortcut' then click OK when I have set them up.  I can always re-set them up when I open the program again, but I would prefer the program remember the shortcuts.
    2.  When I shut down the program, it does not remember which band and mode I am working.  Again, I can re-tell the program about band and mode, but I would prefer not to...

I would think that saving the log when I shut down would save these things, but it seems not to.

Does anyone have an answer?


Rusty, NA5TR

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