[WriteLog] PK-232 Not going out of Transmit and Writelog

W0SD Ed Gray w0sd at triotel.net
Mon May 3 08:23:27 PDT 2010

Just an interesting note on the PK-232 DSP unit not wanting to go out of 
transmit.  I called Timewave and Bruce N7TJW had me look under the DSP 
board to see if anything was touching.  It looked like a capacitor might 
be touching but it was hard to tell.  He told me to wiggle the DSP board 
and lift the side toward the back a little bit.

I hooked it back up and it works fine.
Bruce likely saved me $100.00.

The bottom line here to me is not to be to quick to blame one thing. 
With this simple set up there are still four things involved, Writelog, 
PK-232, K3 and Computer.

If you go with say Windows 7, USB only port, Microham USB Interface 3, 
software for Microham, MMTTY, Writelog, Writelog plug in for MMTTY, 
ESK105 file and TS-870 you are dealing with 9 things.


On 4/12/2010 8:59 PM, Richard Phillips wrote:
> Thanks to Joe W4TV, I finally got MMTTY plug-in to work with my version
> of Windows7 32 bit.  Disabling User Account Control (UAC) did the job.
> After I disabled it I reloaded the plug-in and MMTTY immediately showed
> up in the TU Type menu.  I didn't have to change where Writelog was
> loaded (Program Files\Write Log\Programs) or MMTTY (Programs\MMTTY\).
> All I did was re-install the plug-in.  Thanks to all that provided
> information on this problem.  Without the list I would be pulling out
> what little hair I have left.  See you in the next RTTY contest.
> 73 Rich AA9L
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