[WriteLog] Where's the beef part 2

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Bruce - I glad you are happy user.  That is what I would like to be.  I'm "bad mouthing" Writelog because they have not responded by either sending program or returning money.  If the shoe were on the other foot maybe you would sound different.  All I am trying to do is get Writelog to get off of top dead center.  If you have another method for me to use please let me know.  I want to acknowledge there are a lot of happy users of Writelog, as shown by the emails.  Please do not make me a bad person for trying to get a company to respond to get delivery of merchandise for which they were paid in advance. 73, Dan KC6BIF

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Thank you Bruce:

I very much appreciate your comments.

Have a great day !          73  Jerry  N0JRN

> Knock off the BS Dan.  There are plenty of contest/logging software out
> on
> the market, some for free.  If you are not getting the service from Ron
> you
> desire, then move on!  Stop the bad-mouthing!
> Bruce, N7TY (happy WriteLog user)

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