[WriteLog] Cabrillo for ARI International DX Contest

ErBarone ik0chu at libero.it
Wed May 5 13:16:51 PDT 2010

Hi Magnus
i'm Writelog user and my version is 10.71C.
I sent my Cabrillo to the ARI Int DX Committee because i solved
the same problem, that you found, in this way.

1) Export the contest data into a file .ADI with Writelog
2) Rename a writelog variable with a right NAME for all the records as follow
         <APP_WRITELOG_RCVD: into <SRX:
3) Run N1MM program
4) Create a new DB and open the ARIDX Contest
5) Import the modified file .ADI created with writelog (no error results)
6) Rescore all data to have the correct scores
7) Export the contest data into a file CALLNAME.LOG
8) Send e-mail with cabrillo attached file and 
refer the CALLname and category in the subjet of the message
9) Wait for an acknowledgement of receipt 
of  your log within 48 hours by aricontest at kkn.net

  Good Luck Magnus!

73 de IKØCHU Mauro

At 05/05/2010 21.15, you wrote:
>Ran ARI int DX this weekend, not to many Qs but want to send in my log but
>it dont seem to want to make a Cabrillo. Help anyone?
>My version is 10.70C
>73 de Magnus SM6WET

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