[WriteLog] Echo mic delay

Georgens, Tom Tom.Georgens at netapp.com
Sat May 8 17:29:26 PDT 2010

I am testing a new Lenovo X200 with Win XP SP3 for use with Writelog.
Everything seems to work well except that there is a noticeable delay
from when I speak into the mic to when it comes to the Audio out port to
the radio.  The delay makes it nearly impossible to speak with the
monitor on.  On previous computers, any echo mic delay was not


There were no knobs that I could detect.  There is a audio device test
utility that specifically says there will be a delay between the input
and the output.   Oddly my older T61 does not work right with Writelog
in SO2R mode and the newer large screen Lenovo has the lowest SBRDCHK
score I have ever seen.  The X200 looked promising except for this


I have not seen this reported on the reflector.




Tom W2SC 8P5A

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