[WriteLog] Country file error??

Carsten Steinhöfel carsten.steinhoefel at web.de
Tue Mar 22 03:13:50 PDT 2011

Looks like it's doing it correctly then, doesn't it? As WAE countries do not count TA1 is DXCC Entity Turkey (which is labelled Asiatic Turkey).

73 Carsten

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An: pcooper at guernsey.net
Betreff: Re: [WriteLog] Country file error??

>On Mon, Mar 21, 2011 at 1:44 PM, Phil Cooper  wrote:
>> During the BARTG HF RTTY contest this weekend, I logged TA1BM, but I see
>> that it is comes up with Asiatic Turkey in the log.
>> This is not an issue in this contest, but I wonder why it doesn't correctly
>> show European Turkey?
>> I have the latest version of the country files, and Writelog correctly
>> reports the version when I enter VERSION in the call area.
>It sounds like WriteLog is incorrectly using the WHOLE country file
>for BARTG.  Entities prefixed by '*' are only valid in the CQWW and
>WAE contests.  WriteLog should be ignoring these in BARTG. Perhaps
>there is a problem with the WriteLog BARTG contest module.
>73 - Jim AD1C
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