[WriteLog] Need Com Port Help Please

Gary Gross ke6qr at comcast.net
Thu Nov 3 18:42:54 PDT 2011

I have lost communications between my CW keyer, and one of my rigs and cant get it back. This same problem happened in the past when my USB cable came out of the lap top and I did a writelog save after Field Day before closing down the Laptop. I eventually got it working again but don't remember what I did that time. I have all of the proper settings and paths selected. Writelog will communicate with my FT 920 which is on com 8 but not with my FT1000 and keyer which are on com 4. Incidentally, I just downloaded the latest version of writelog when the problem happened. I did see the previous post about the rig control problem and rechecked all of my settings but they are correct. Any help would be appreciated. Gary. ke6qr

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