[WriteLog] np PTT

cagt2 at q.com cagt2 at q.com
Fri Nov 4 10:40:20 PDT 2011

After a break of a couple years tried out my RTTY system for another go at contesting. To my disappointment I found my PTT is no longer operational. The RTTY code sounds out and the macro message is printed on my rttyrite screen, but the Kenwood isn’t keyed. On closer inspection I found that the voltage between ground and pin 7 of the 9 pin (serial port) doesn’t switch positive while the macro messages are being launched. It’s the same when I hit Alt K my message appears and the rtty code sounds as it’s typed, but again the rig isn’t keyed. The computer repair person says my computer checks out OK, I’ve gone through the WriteLog setup procedure, but nothing stands out being wrong. Has this ever happened to you or do you have any suggestions? Thanks! Chuck Turner KI7NW cagt2 at q.com

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