[WriteLog] [FCG] SOR2 keying focus with WriteLog

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Sat Nov 12 13:38:13 PST 2011

I had a similar problem troubleshooting a problem at PJ2T - they were
using LPT to drive a band decoder but it was not working.

Long story short, we went into the computer's bios, and found LPT turned
off.  Try booting up and holding (F8?? F12??? Whatever key takes you to
the bios) and checking the status of LPT there.

73 Hal N4GG

Dave and any WL users,
We are back to troubleshooting the SO2R cw keying focus problem.   To 
restate the problem, the cw keying focus on the DX Doubler does not  
automatically switch from Radio L to Radio R.  The logging program is
WriteLog, ver 
10.87e.  The DX Doubler will switch cw keying focus manually  just fine.
We have confirmed that there is a constant +4.5 vdc on pin 14 of the LPT

connector.  It does not go to 0.0 vdc when switching from Radio L to
Radio  R 
in WriteLog.  For some reason, WriteLog is not causing the +4.5 vdc  on
pin 14 to toggle.
Any ideas will be appreciated.
Tnx, George 
George  Wagner, K5KG
Sarasota, FL 
941-400-1960 cell  

In a message dated 11/7/2011 5:15:15 A.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
dave.n3rd at verizon.net writes:

Hi  George,

The most basic  response of the DXD is to have the red LEDs transfer
Radio 1 to Radio 2  and back when you switch transmit focus.  The DXD
for a toggling  TTL-level line on its input connector J9, Pin 14, from

My first  recommendation is to have you put a meter on Pin 14, and then 
change radios on  the computer.  You should see the level go up and
down, and 
actually hear  relays click in the DXD.  If you can test that, and let
know, we can  go to the next step of debugging.

73 -  Dave


On 6 Nov 2011  at 21:01, Georgek5kg at aol.com wrote:

Hi  Dave,
I  checked the jumpers, and they are set according the instructions in
DXB  manual.
The red  LEDs only switch when I switch them manually. I could not get
to switch  automatically regardless of what I did with WriteLog
I spent  the better part of Saturday troubleshooting this problem, but
the end just  gave up. By 4pm, I had to reconfig the radios and antennas
SO1R. I also  then went back to WinTest as my logger, as I prefer that
I'd like  to find the solution to the automatic cw focus problem so I
go SO2R with  the DXB. Are you available to assist me?
Tnx,  Geo... 
George  Wagner, K5KG
941-400-1960 cell 
In a  message dated 11/5/2011 5:50:22 P.M. Eastern Standard Time,  
dave.n3rd at verizon.net writes:


Are the internal jumpers set properly  for WL?

If the red LEDs are changing, then  the CW and PTT signals should be
switched between the two  radios.



On 5 Nov 2011 at 12:40,  Georgek5kg at aol.com wrote:

Any suggestions about the problem I  have cited below?
Tnx, George
George Wagner, K5KG
941-400-1960  cell

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George Wagner, K5KG
941-400-1960  cell

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Hello all...any help with this  will be appreciated.

I have set up WriteLog (10.87E) for SO2R using a  Top Ten DX Doubler. I
have all of the functions are working except the  automatic switching of
keying from Radio 1 to Radio 2 does not work. I  can manually switch the
keying between R1 and R2, ok, but not  automatically.

Is there a menu function in WriteLog that I must  set?

73, George

George Wagner, K5KG
941-400-1960  cell
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