[WriteLog] WL and Flex Support.

Keith Goobie keith at goobie.org
Sun Nov 13 11:40:18 PST 2011

Good day all.

Len (VA3LM) and myself have been using WL to control an Icom-7700 and a
Navigator interface and we have been pleased with the functionality offered.

WE are now also working with a Flex radio, controlled by an application
called datadecoder or ddtutil.  DDUtil requires all CAT comms be completed
with the Flex CAT language ­ one cannot use the TS-2000 CAT language which
the flex by itself is capable of emulating.  Will a future version of WL be
capable of Flex CAT commands?

DDUtil is required as it controls the Steppir, LP-100A, GH Heron rotator and
ACOM amp.  It is an amazing package.

In the interim, I am obliged to look at N1MM, but would prefer WL if Flex
support is coming down the pipe.

Keith - VA3YC

Keith Goobie
keith at goobie.org
Richmond Hill, Ontario

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