[WriteLog] Need per-band packet spots choice for SS "U"

K2MK k2mk at comcast.net
Sun Nov 20 07:09:33 PST 2011

Hi Bruce,

I remember seeing that explanation also but in my opinion things have 
changed. For the CW SS contest I let the skimmer spots flow in. I was doing 
search and pounce and I wanted to pick up unworked stations as soon as they 
appeared in the packet window. With a fully loaded band map, it was much 
more practical to grab the station from the bottom of the packet window. But 
with all 5 bands flowing through the packet window was scrolling too rapidly 
to successfully double click on an entry. And with a manual tune amplifier I 
didn't want to accidentally change bands. The time has come to give the 
operator the choice thus keeping everyone happy. The SS module needs to be 

Mike K2MK

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If I recall (no guarantees of accuracy anymore...) there was a thread on
this a couple of years ago. The gist of the thread was that since you
can only work a station once in SS, it doesn't matter what band you work
it on. And, since the entries in the packet spot window are for unworked
stations, a station that changes bands won't show up again. This is the
desired operation for the contest. If you have other goals, e.g. looking
for particular states on particular bands, it won't help. Gary's
suggestion to try the VE7CC software may help here.

73 Bruce W1CSM 

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