[WriteLog] beam headings not working right

hankkier at aol.com hankkier at aol.com
Sun Nov 20 16:45:22 PST 2011

never had this problem - using writelof for more than 10 years.

beam headings shown in the beam headings window are outlandishly wrong. e.g. - FG shown as 35 degrees, LP = 17degrees! distance 357 miles! (from my NY qth) etc etc. tried quite a few different countries and all are incorrect. 

haven't made any changes to the program - has been running for nearly 11 years now. version 10.75, Jan 2010. checked the "setup/great circle setup" screen and it still shows my same latitude/longitude coordinates correctly.

any ideas what could cause this????

Hank  KF2O

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