[WriteLog] LPT port configuration in XP

Grant Kesselring kesselg at us.ibm.com
Mon Dec 10 17:40:07 EST 2012

Thanks for the numerous suggestions I received on getting a PCI parallel
card working in Writelog.  The missing step in my case was the omission of
a line in the writelog.in file.  Bruce, W1CSM correctly suggested the

   I suggest that you add the line AntRelayOnLptX=YES to the Ports section
   of the .ini file. I found that setting up the parallel ports in the
   Ports config section didn’t seem to force the creation of the
   AntRelayOnLptX in the .ini file, so do this first, then start Writelog.

   snip from my Writelog.ini file

Thank you very much, Bruce!  I was about to throw away this PCI card.
Interestingly, as soon as the AntRelayOnLpt1=YES was added to the
writelog.ini file, it started to work in both WriteLog and also DX4WIN.
Prior to adding that line it would not work from either program.  It is as
though the PCI parallel card was installed, and drivers were good, but
something was required to "open the port".  As soon as the port was open,
all programs were able to command it.

Grant K1KD

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