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Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
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In the FOC Marathon module go to Contest\Exchange Format Setup...  When the Edit QSO Exchange window opens down arrow to the end of the list of field names and click on Insert.  Enter the field title NAME and as many spaces as you feel are necessary to set the field width to handle the names you encounter.  Now click on the Prompt check box and Required check box if the NAME is a required field.  Now click on the Move Up button to move the NAME field to just after the FOC# field.  Click on OK and the new NAME field will be in your Entry window.  Do a Setup\Save Configuration to save this new layout for the module.  You should now be good to go.

Gary AL9A

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I have an adi file with foc numbers and names to use in the up-comming Marathon.   I want to add a qso field for names. How can I do it ?? 
John K9DX 		 	   		  
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