[WriteLog] Help needed with configurating WL/rig

Gerd Uhlig, DL7VOG gerd at dl7vog.de
Sat Jun 2 02:38:05 PDT 2012

Hello to all the experts on WriteLog reflector,
I have bought a new Laptop computer with Win7 and the latest version of 
WL - 11.04A and am trying to use it with my DXpedition rig IC-706MKIIG 
Now I want to configurate the whole stuff. My next DXpedition to 9Y will 
start in November so no hurry yet.
The rig is working properly with the microHAM DIGI KEYER II, that means 
frequency and mode are displayed correctly in the routers configuration 
I have set the DIGI KEYER ports as advised:

CAT:         COM4
2nd CAT:  none
FSK:          COM6  PTT
2nd FSK:  none
CW:          COM3  DTR
PTT:          COM3  RTS
2nd PTT:  none
Foot Switch: none
SQL:          none
Winkey:    none ???
Contol:     none

So far so good.
When I open Writelog, the rig is keyed instantly and steady. The carrier 
stops only when I close down the programme.
I have configured the ports according to the above mentioned ports:

COM 3  CW  no Rig  default  Comm PTT YES
COM 4  rig control IC-706    Baud Rate 9600  Comm PTT NO
COM 5  nil  no Rig  default  Comm PTT YES
COM 6  nil  no Rig  default  Comm PTT YES

but when I close the WL programme and reopen it then it is resetted to 
the following port config:

COM 1  rig control IC-706   Baud Rate default  YES
COM 3  CW  no Rig  default  YES
COM 4  -       no Rig  default  YES
COM 6  -       no Rig  default  YES

CW keyer Type   microHAM MK2R
SO2R Control     microHAM MK2R  COM 4

What do I have to change in the wl.ini file? I could send the wl.ini 
settings if needed.
Can anybody help with the same setup? Any suggestions?
I want to get it worked with CW for the moment - RTTY is another 
challenge but later.

Thank you very much in advance.

73 and gl de Gerd (a bloody old greenhorn in configuring rigs) / DL7VOG


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