[WriteLog] WriteLog problems

Gerd Uhlig, DL7VOG gerd at dl7vog.de
Thu Jun 14 01:50:30 PDT 2012

First of all thank you for your hints. CW works fine now but there are 
still a few problems waiting to be solved.

The setup here is IC-706MK2G - DIGI KEYER II and WriteLog V. 11.04A.

The main problem at the moment is that WriteLog doesn't overtake the 
frequency from the transceiver, though DIGI Keyer changes QRG when the 
rigs tuning know is turned.
When I open WriteLog the setup window of Digi Keyer still shows the 
right frequency but the red arrows at COM4 and WinKey (COM3) are 
blinking about once per second and after about 8 seconds the displayed 
frequency and mode above COM4 is greyed out for about 1 second and so 
on. When I close Writelog all is okay in the Digi Keyer setup.

The left button beside the entry window in WriteLog  shows < kHz CW> and 
when I open it the window shows nothing in the frequency window  in the 
upper right position.
Log the frequency of QSOs is set to <rig on COMM4>.
All (rig, digi keyer and WriteLog) is set to 4800 bps.
The second problem is RTTY - reception is okay but I can't transmit at 
all - but this is for a later solution.

Does anybody have any suggestion to solve the problem?

73 de Gerd / DL7VOG


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