[WriteLog] SO2R and Echo Mic help

Michael Gulbranson wg0m at aol.com
Fri Mar 2 06:58:59 PST 2012

Hi All:

I need help.  I am running the latest version of WL on an  XP box.   


Everything works fine in SO2R RTTY and CW operation.


The problem is when running SO2R SSB.


I can record and play back wav files on either rig.  However, only one rig
(rig A) can I get the mic (mono input) to activate.   It is as if the Mic
Echo feature is turned off on rig B.


I can look at the sound card control panel and observe the mic input level
fluctuate on the bar meter, which it should as it has no bearing on which
rig is selected in WL.


So the communication link from the sound card to WL seems broken or the Echo
feature does not work on Rig B.


Might the problem have to do with sound card stereo output with (mic on one
channel) and WL looking for mono input from the sound card?  Can WL manage
two inputs (sound card right and left channel outputs) from the sound card??


I hope I stated that clearly.


Any help today would be greatly appreciated.





Mike WG0M



         "It's better to be a pleasant surprise than a bitter


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