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>From the WL manual:

Call Capture
Call-capture means "calls" are recorded automatically as they are received 
without having clicked on them. The call-capture feature of WriteLog is used 
like this: with the entry window active, press Alt+C. This brings up the 
Call Capture window with a list of "calls" which have been recorded 
(captured) by the DE(space) method. If you wish to work a "call" in the 
list, click on it, placing the "call" in the entry window, and the "call" is 
automatically dupe-checked. "Calls" which are dupes are not captured, but a 
"call" is not removed from the list after the "call" is worked (so some 
dupes are in the list).

In my opinion a better option now exists in WL.  In the Help manual Search 
on 'pop' and you will find the following information:

Entry Push/Pop Call Queue
The three menu items Push call to queue, Pop call from queue, and Wipe QSO 
and pop simplify working more than one station responding to a CQ. Enter a 
call in the Entry Window, and then select Push Call to Queue to save the 
call and clear the Entry Window, and repeat for as many calls as you want to 
save. Each call is recovered automatically into the Entry Window, first 
in/first out, as you enter QSOs into the log (by typing ENTER). You can also 
manually pop calls from the queue with the Pop Call from Queue menu item, or 
you can use the Wipe QSO and pop item to wipe the QSO, which will 
additionally pop the next call if there is one.

For frequent use, these menu entries can be placed onto dedicated keyboard 
keys using the "EntryPushCallToQueue" , "EntryPopCallFromQueue", and/or the 
"EntryWipeAndPopFromQueue" shortcuts.

The RttyRite screen can push calls onto the queue as well. Use the right 
mouse button on the call in the screen, and select "Push Call <call>".


When there are calls on the queue and the Entry Window is empty, the oldest 
3 calls in the queue appear on the screen instead of the serial number. An 
additional small triangle appears when there are more then 3 calls in the 
queue.The colors used can be changed in WRITELOG.INI.

I use the right mouse click in the Rittyrite window method to Push calls on 
the queue.  I have also created two keyboard shortcuts to handle the 
commands to push and pop calls into and out of the stack queue.  By 
alternating the two keys you can clear out calls one by one.  My keyboard 
shortcuts use the '[' and ']' keys for the commands.

Close_Square=Entry PushCallToQueue

Gary AL9A

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> Good day All.
> Looking at using Call Queue for the upcoming BARTG RTTY contest.
> Some questions now as opposed to learning on the fly:
> 1. Once you have invoked using Alt-C, and you have worked one of the
> stations highlighted (and logged of course), will the callsign disappear
> from from the Call Queue?
> 2. Is there is way to clear he Call Queue and / or refresh the listing?
> 3. Is there a way to clear a single entry?
> 4. Is there a way to push a single callsign into the Call Queue?
> Thanks in advance for all help received.
> Keith
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