JOHN POWELL powell.john at xtra.co.nz
Tue Mar 6 17:02:49 PST 2012

After a few years I have been able to participate from out new QTH with my K3 I constructed over 3 years ago S/N 1621. The problem is principally the K3 goes into Transmit mode at the time I select and boot up the individual Contest Modules from Writelog. I have conducted some experiments to determine and, or, isolate this problem, these being :-
- resurrecting my old TS440SAT and interface unit - this to either pin the problem with either of  the rigs, or logging software, including the installation to further determine that Writelog was, or was not the issue. 
The results were :-
- TS440SAT combo - no problems with either logging program
- K3 -  in both instances of the logging programs (Wlog and N1MM) the K3 locked in Transmit mode after entering the particular Contest Modules relative to both software programs.
I would be obliged in any assistance and, or, ideas to overcome this problem could be offered. As a matter of interest the K3 intermittently triggers into Transmit mode when my laptop is booting up Win.XP Pro, but halts once XP has become active.
I operated as a Rupe Goldberg operation in the recent ARRL CW Contest with the K3 and a 20m dipole on 20 and 10, but spent more time trying to resolve this issue - the locking up of the K3. Finally got the paddle out and ran S&P.
Thanks in advance for any assistance that can be offered.

John. ZL1BHQ

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