[WriteLog] Telnet help

Michael Gulbranson wg0m at aol.com
Tue Mar 13 06:01:04 PDT 2012

Good mroning.  I need some help connecting to VE7CC

>From the manual........

As an alternative to a TNC connected to a Packet Cluster, WriteLog supports connecting to any of the Packet Clusters available on the internet as telnet connections. Just use the File Telnet command and type in the name of the telnet node (or its IP address) to make the connection. You will have to keep your internet connection up as long as you want to send or receive packet spots, of course.
The standard Port number for telnet is 23, which is how WriteLog initializes its prompt. If the telnet node you want operates on a nonstandard port number, you can type it into the dialog.

My question is where is "Fle Telnet".  I searched all dropdown tabs and did not see it.

Michael WG0M

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