[WriteLog] Server Busy message

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Tue Mar 13 11:40:15 PDT 2012

Since upgrading to V11.01B I have been seeing the Server Busy error message 
more frequently.  Specifically, it now seems that every time I start WL for 
the first time after starting my computer I get the Server Busy message. 
The program seems to start correctly and I get the list of previous contests 
displayed.  But when I click on a previous contest or choose to start a new 
log the error message window pops up.  None of the buttons on the error 
window will do anything to correct the situation.  I must start Task Manager 
and stop the Server Busy program.  Then when I restart WL a second time it 
works correctly.

I've run a utility program against my registration file, Vista Home Premium, 
and cleaned up dead wood and defraged the file.  No change.  Today I 
upgraded from V11.01F to V11.02B, again with no change.  I've queried the 
reflector about this before and received no reply.  So once again, is anyone 
else seeing this behavior?  Is it something in the newest WL versions or 
something with my OS?  Any help appreciated

Gary AL9A

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