[WriteLog] SO2R controllers

Paul Young k1xm at k1xm.org
Sat Mar 17 05:25:47 PDT 2012

Hi Randy,

These are the choices I know of for an SO2R Box, in
approximate low to high cost:

1.  You an build an SO2RDuino and maybe add a Winkey.


     This trades time for money and assumes you are
     comfortable with soldering and breadboard wiring.

2.  You can build a YCCC SO2R Box.  We're planning
     another group buy later this year.  It works well
     with WriteLog.  And we can probably find someone
     to do the soldering if you don't want to.


3.  You can buy a microHam micro2R.  I have seen it
     at Dayton but have not used one.


4.  You can buy a DX Doubler, a PIEXX SO2Rxlat, and
     a USB Winkey.  I think this solution would only
     make sense if you already owned some of the pieces,
     otherwise the previous two are better integrated.


5.  You can buy a microHam MK2R or MK2R+.  It has more
     features than any other SO2R device I've used.  The
     setup is also more complex than others.  The unit
     I used had an audible "thump" in the headphones when
     switching radios.


The only box which has a built-in sound card is the MK2R+
which happens to also be the most expensive.  I've been
using a $25 USB sound card and a box with a couple cheap
transformers and a capacitor.  It has been flawless.

I think there are commercial boxes meant for ham use that
have a USB sound card and the transformers but I'm not
familiar with them.  My knowledge of phone operating could
fill a book, but only if the book had very few pages and I
printed with really big letters.

                      Paul, K1XM

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