[WriteLog] Icom CT-17 with Writelog

Andre VanWyk kr5dx at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 22 12:10:46 PDT 2012

Understood, but in the Writelog port setup, you cannot duplicate a port. So, 
lets say you have radio one in the 1st window set to COM port 1, (where the 
CT-17 is connected to) and radio two in the 2nd window, you cannot name it 
COM port 1 again. Writelog will not allow it.

So, how do you route the CIV from the other radios connected to the CT-17 on 
COM1 to the other radios?


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> Each Icom radio has its own  Hex address, and the CT-17 connects to one 
> com port.
> Len
> On 2012-03-22, at 2:53 PM, Andre VanWyk wrote:
>> Does anyone out there know of a way to use an Icom CT-17 CIV unit  (with 
>> multiple radios connected to it) with Writelog.
>> Since there is no way to be able to assign the same com port number to 
>> both radios, I would guess this is impossible, but there might be some 
>> virtual comport / bridging software out there?
>> Any help would be appreciated.
>> 73
>> Andre NJ0F
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