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John Elsik wa5zup at msn.com
Sun May 6 17:39:12 PDT 2012

Yes I can confirm at least the Cabrillo header changed from 10.84D to
11.04A.  10.84D was correct, with 11.04A the power, mode, and band is greyed
out.  I just simply copied/pasted the header from last year and changed the
I don't know if this applies to the below QSO count issue, but when a
station is worked on a county line the score box counts each county as a
contact, while the main form only counts that station once.  Just a thought
73 John wa5zup

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Even though I am using WL version 11.04A, I suspect that the 7QP (7 land QSO
Party) contest module may need some tweaking for next??  Mine says version at the bottom of the station setup page which is from January, 2012.

1. For instance this weekend, I made all RTTY-digital contacts although the
score box shows them listed under the CW column, not a Digital or RTTY
column (the cabrillo file shows RY so it must be ok though).

2. I made 85 contacts with one dup so I should have 84 legitimate QSOs.  The
score box again shows  85 valid QSOs.

3. And my several DX QSOs, in which I put the words "DX" in the RCVD column,
did not show a multiplier for them nor the question mark as described in the
Readme file.  WriteLog did put the name in the COUNTRY column and the letter
abbreviation (such as HI) in the C PREF column.

4. The cabrillo entry form would not allow me designate POWER, MODE , or
BAND.  I was SO-high power, digital, and all band.  Anyway, I edited it to
get that information into the file.  Maybe there were some recent rule
changes and the module never got revised to that extent?  The 7QP contest
people said to send it that way and their computers will take care of the
scoring (add the DX and take off the dup for scoring).  Anyone else have
these problems?

Steve Sala
Nine Mile Falls, WA
468  ARRL approved grids on 6-meters
295 active entities ARRL confirmed-DXCC
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