[WriteLog] Bandmap Problems - Solved!!!!!!!!!

DickT-W0RAA dickt at w0raa.com
Wed May 23 17:10:46 PDT 2012

Bruce,  if you ever come to Colorado Springs, be sure to look me up.  Your
suggestion solved the problem and I am now getting spots appearing in the
Bandmap window in WriteLog.  After supper this evening I came into the 
brought up WriteLog and then clicked on Edit in the Incoming Only Packet
window.  There was a check mark next to Single Operator.  I unchecked it
and all of a sudden the spots started popping up in the Bandmap window.

I'm not sure if I had checked the box or not.  Most likely I did, since I'm 
only one in this residence that uses Writelog and a Packet Cluster.

Like I said, if you get to Colorado Springs, look me up.  I'm buying lunch.

I also appreciate the suggestions from Gary, AL9A.  But the one you sent 
the problem.  And, of course a  thanks to my good friend, Joe, K8FC, who
said he could look at my system remotely.  Appreciate the offer, Joe, but 
is resolved.

Again, thanks.


Dick - W0RAA
Life does not begin at 40.
It begins when the kids move out and all the dogs die.

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  Hi Dick,

  Make sure that you didn't inadvertently set the Writelog Packet Terminal 
window to "Single Op". Open Edit and make sure there is no check mark next 
to Single Op. Single Op lets you send spots but not receive them.

  73 Bruce W1CSM

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