[WriteLog] Serial numbers with preceeding 'T' instead of '0'

Richard Thorne rmthorne at att.net
Fri May 25 17:41:58 PDT 2012

Never fails, ask the question, then find the answer on your own.

After a quick search I found I needed to setup [Cut-Numbers] in the ini 
file.  All fixed.


Rich - N5ZC

On 5/25/2012 7:18 PM, Richard Thorne wrote:
> I have my cw memories setup to send 5nn %3 for wpx so when the serial
> number is sent I will get TT1 when sending 1.  However I'm getting
> preceeding 0's , ie 001 is being sent.
> So where in the setup do I change the 0 to a preceeding T?
> Thanks
> Rich - N5ZC
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