[WriteLog] CSV to .ADI or WL conversion

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Thu Nov 1 18:54:14 EDT 2012


I created a adi file myself with using Excel to convert the ARRL SS CW CSV 
history file from 2011.  I then added some additional information I found on 
the AZ Outlaws web site.  The file now contains over 2500 records from 2011.

Converting the ARRL CSV format into an adi file is problematic because the 
file contains many fields of data that are simply not needed for an adi 
prefill.  Once in Excel these extraneous fields can be deleted.  One of the 
biggest problems with the ARRL file is their inclusion of operator calls at 
multi-op stations within the station call field.  I had to devise a method 
of text manipulation to identify the problem records and then strip out only 
the station call signs.  It was also necessary to scan through the data and 
change state names to section names for those states with multiple sections.

The file also contains what I think are the correct new ON section names for 
various VE3 calls.  This is based upon the map of the new VE3 sections and 
checking qrz.com for the call address and then finding the town on the map. 
Most should be ok, but a few on the map boundary edges may be in error.

While my process works, it is still highly manual.  I haven't had the time 
to automate the process by creating macros to do the tasks.  In any event if 
you would like a copy of my adi file to try out let me know and I will send 
it to you direct.

Gary AL9A

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> The ARRL website will let you download the last three years of SS CW log
> entries in CSV format.  Anyone know how to convert that format to .ADI or 
> WL
> so that it can be imported into the WL program?
> Hal
> N4GG
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