[WriteLog] WL and the CW SS

Ray Day rayday at cox.net
Thu Nov 1 21:31:23 EDT 2012

Hi all,


I have WL 11.07D up and running, all tuned up (Win XP, Omni VII) - except
for one thing...


I haven't worked the CW SS with WL before, so I'm not sure if what I'm
experiencing is normal or messed up..


I'm using the RTTYRITE window (CW / Sound Board AFSK / none) and decode CW
and calls pretty good. 


SCP is working and some calls highlight themselves and when I click on a
call, the call populates the CALL window. Actually anything with a number in
it populates the CALL window.


BUT after a call is inserted in the ENTRY window, when I click on a 2-digit
number, it re-populates the CALL field, rather than going to NR (or even


I'm used to WL populating the "proper" field sequentially (almost all my WL
efforts so far have been on RTTY). so what's up? On CW, is the CALL field
the only field that gets populated by clicking? I'm a 2-finger typist, so I
LOVE RTTY + WL since I don't need to type ANYTHING - it's all mouse clicking
- life is good! Is CW supposed to be the same way, or am I on my own for
typing in the NR/PR/CK/SEC fields manually?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!



Ray N6HE



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