[WriteLog] Confusing problem with the "2" key

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Fri Nov 2 20:35:08 EDT 2012

Somehow your "2" key must have gotten changed to a shortcut.

You can look at your writelog.ini file and see if there is an entry under [KeyboardShortcuts] that shows the "2" key mapped to
"BandsBandsUp" (not F2). If so, delete that entry. Be careful because Alt-2 is suppose to change bands up. It's entry is:


If there is no entry for "2" under [KeyboardShortcuts], try going back into WriteLog and remap "2" back to being "2". To do this, go
to the Setup menu and to "Keyboard Shortcuts" and refer to the Help file on how to do it.

73, Don AA5AU

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Using Win 7/32.

Problem occurred with in Writelog v10.80F and v11.07D.  

Been having a strange problem with the 2 number key.  When hitting the 2 key the band goes up.  It will cycle through all the bands
if I keep kitting the 2 key.  Alt-F2 causes the band to increase also.  

This really just started a few weeks ago.  

I thought that perhaps the keyboard was the problem.  I changed it and the results are the same.  

This is not occurring in N1MM.  

Anybody got a suggestion?

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