[WriteLog] Rittyrite - CW Receiver Problem

k0bx at arrl.net k0bx at arrl.net
Sat Nov 3 16:39:40 EDT 2012

Hi Guys, I am trying to help out a friend and I am stuck.
He is using Writelog and all had been working.  Now here is the problem.
He uses the WriteLog CW Receiver mode for CW.  It receives CW fine, but when he 
transmit, his outgoing characters do not show up on the Rtttyrite screen.  The 
CW does go out and he hears the sidetone.

When He go's into transmit and starts sending CW, the window for the CW Receiver 
that shows the audio signal go's blank, that is, no audio is present while 
sending.  On my Writelog, the sidetone audio is feed back and you can see it in 
the CW Receiver screen.
So bottom line, He is not getting audio back through the CW receiver which is 
not decoding his outgoing CW and putting in on the screen.

But when He uses Rittyrite for RTTY or PSK, it works fine, with the outgoing 
characters echoing back on the screen.
He is using a Rascal interface.  I have been over to his house twice, I have 
checked the sound card connections and the serial ports.  I can't find anything 
wrong.  It is like on CW, the CW Receiver is set to the wrong side of the stereo 

I checked the Writelog Archives and found a couple of guys had the same problem, 
but no solution was provided.

Thank you,

Joe K0BX

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