[WriteLog] Speed control fixed

Hal Kennedy halken at comcast.net
Sat Nov 17 16:37:43 EST 2012

I managed to get speed control fixed.  Some of it operator error - some
computer peculiar I guess.


ALT F9 and F10 will only control speed in the speed window if the ports
setup is set for PC generates.  Otherwise they are ignored.


PageUp and PageDWn would not work, so I made them shortcuts.  Now they work.
I have had to do this on all my Dell laptops - there may be something about
that command set that's non-standard.  Anyway it works as a shortcut.


Network GAB is BROKEN.  I've received lots of private email from folks who
report the same.  Meanwhile I reported the same problem in 2007 then
followed that post with another post from me that said it was my dumb error.
I don't recall the error :-)


Cross linking packet across WIN XP apparently has never worked under DCHP.
If you assign fixed IP addresses it may work.


I hope Wayne can get GAB working.  I will try fixed IP addresses in the next
week or two.  With CW and rig control I can at least use the program.



73 and thanks to the helpers.





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