[WriteLog] Log Analyzers for CQWW, ARRL 160m, and Ten Meter RTTY...

Robert Chudek - K0RC k0rc at citlink.net
Tue Nov 27 23:53:24 EST 2012

Updated versions of the series of three *CQWW DX Contest Log Analyzers* 
have been posted to my website:


A few bugs have been eradicated and some consolidation of reports will 
help you when comparing two logs. The regular version accepts Cabrillo 
Logs up to 3,000 QSOs, the "HC" High Capacity version will accept 
10,000, and the "SHC" Super High Capacity version will accept 20,000 
QSOs per log. All three are functionally equivalent, but will calculate 
faster when using the smallest version for your logs. This series will 
import any mixture of CW and SSB logs. A separate log analyzer is 
available for CQWW RTTY logs, in a regular and "HC" High Capacity 
version as well.

The updated ARRL 160m Log Analyzer has been released in advance of the 
contest this weekend. You will find it using the same web link from above.

The Ten Meter RTTY contest is a 24-hour event starting 2-Dec-2012 at 
0000z. It saw very strong participation last year and activity should 
increase this year. I anticipate releasing a Log Analyzer for this 
contest within the next week. It will be posted on the same website as 
listed above. Here's a link to the contest details: 

73 de Bob - KØRC in MN


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