[WriteLog] Computer Up Grade

Bob Wood n2kx at twcny.rr.com
Thu Nov 29 09:35:11 EST 2012

I am considering upgrading my ancient computer to either a Windows 7/8 machine with onboard sound card or an iMac.  What problems will I have with either choice?
My present setup is IC-756PROIII, writelog, micro-Keyer from microHAM, creative SB sound card, windows XP sp3 (dell) computer.
I normally work RTTY and SSB.  use writelog, Prolog, mmtty and Digi-pan.

What problems do each present.  I know the windows machine is less expensive, but I am getting tired of keeping anti-virus software up to date, upgrades etc.

Bob - N2KX   (private response is fine)

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