[WriteLog] Problem Updating Country Files

Steve AI9T steve at ai9t.com
Tue Sep 4 20:04:48 EDT 2012

Got this problem fixed. After trial and error I found out the wl_dty.dat 
file was not actually downloading from the site but was coming from my 
browser cache file. Ran CCleaner to clean up the cache and temp files. 
This allowed the file to download properly and the CTY conversion was 
then successful.


Steve AI9T


AI9T DX Cluster

Version 4 AI9T   Telnet: dxc.ai9t.com port 7300
Version 6 AI9T-2 Telnet: dxc.ai9t.com port 7373 (CW + Skimmer)

On 9/4/2012 1:14 PM, Steve AI9T wrote:
> I have downloaded the latest country files that Jim posted earlier 
> today but for some reason they have not updated. I'm running Writelog 
> version 11.06a on a Windows 7 machine.
> I ran convert CTY from the Writelog Programs folder. I downloaded the 
> file after opening the program then ran the convert CTY as per normal. 
> However if I type in NH8S it is still listed as American Samoa. If I 
> try any of the other Calls Jim listed they are also incorrect. I 
> checked the program data folder per Jim's instructions and the updated 
> files are there.
> Has anyone else ever had this happen to them? If so how did you get it 
> working
> Thanks

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