[WriteLog] Post Contest Edit WAE QTC

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Sun Sep 9 23:52:51 EDT 2012


If you did enter any QTCs during the contest and they are in the log they 
are editable just like any other field in the log.  You will have to scroll 
the log to the right to see all the QTC entries on a line of the log.  Just 
click on the information you wish to change and do the edit as usual.  Be 
careful however.  If you edit the QTCs in the log to something other than 
what you sent to the receiving station, his log will not match yours and he 
will lose credit for ALL the QTCs you sent him.

I don't think there is a way to enter QTCs in the log post contest.  If you 
try it you will see WL wants to send the QTCs to the last QSO in the log. 
If you did send the QTCs to a station and you are sure of the info you sent 
you could try to edit the Cabrillo log.  Use a text editor like Notepad or 
EditPad to Find the call of the station in the Cabrillo.  Add a blank line 
after the call and enter the QTC information you transmitted to him.  Use a 
previous QTC record in the log to get the field alignments correct.

Gary AL9A

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> Hi,
> First time on the WAE Contest, so had trouble understanding and
> entering the QTCs,
> is there a way to enter and edit the QTCs post contest ?
> Thank you, 73 DX de
> Juan Munoz.
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