[WriteLog] Keyboard QSY to 17M?

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The usual way to key in a QSY frequency is to just type it in the call 
window and hit Enter.  However, in order to QSY to a new band the contest 
module in use must allow that band to be accessed for the contest.  Since 
17M is a WARC band and no contest activities are allowed, you will not be 
able to QSY the radio to that or any other WARC band.  For instance, a 
module for a 160M contest will not allow you to QSY to any other band as no 
contacts are allowed on any band other than 160M.

In this situation the only way to QSY the radio is to use the band controls 
on the radio itself.  Once on the other band WL will let you log a QSO 
entry, but it will flag the entry with a red B to indicate that you are out 
of band for this contact.

Gary AL9A

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> How do I key in a QSY frequency to command the radio to the 17M band?
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