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Mark mark.g0mgx at gmail.com
Sun Sep 23 10:35:45 EDT 2012

Hi Don

All good, thank you, a couple of clarifications if I may.....

On Q1, I have tried %F3 but had started (quite stupidly) starting to count 1
from the "seq"  title so was seeing blank space being sent as I was clearly
trying to send the "country" field in my experiments!

On Q2, When I hit browse am I loading a previous log and just importing the
message config from that file? So I could create a general SnP log and just
use that to load generic messages as a starting point each time? Have I
understood - there doesn't seem to be a way to save the messages as a kind
of message config file?

On Q3, yes, I was wondering if I can stop the text wrapping and just keep
the last text received on the last line, but have read the arguments and
guess it's just something I need to get used to....

Thanks for your help!

Mark. G0MGX

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You have %F correct for your question #1. But you have to add a number to
it. For example, for BARTG RTTY, the fields in the entry window are "CALL",
"RCV", "NR", "TIME" etc. "CALL" is 1, "RCV" is 2, "NR" is 3, "TIME" is 4 in
the entry window. So if you wanted to make a confirmation messages that
confirms the other station's number, you would use %F3 in your exchange like

%RQSL %F3 UR 599 %3 %3 %T %T %E

However, I must tell you that confirming what the other person sent is not
general practice for RTTY contesting because it confuses the exchange. When
the station on the other ends sees your %F3, they may take it as your number
and not theirs. It is highly recommended that you don't confirm the other
station's information.

On question #2, you would create a new set of messages for each contest.
Then the following year when a contest comes around you could use the
previous year's messages by going to the Setup menu, then choosing
CW/RTTY/SSB messages. When the message window opens go to Browse and choose
the file you used the previous year and it will prefill the messages.

As for #3, not sure what you mean. The way the text scrolls in the Rttyrite
window is the best way possible in my opinion. This way you don't have to
chase text as it scrolls. If you need to scroll back to look at something
that was previous received, you can do that with the scroll bar.

73, Don AA5AU

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Hi Writeloggers


I've bought the newbie license and have run this V10.90A in three RTTY
contests now..


I have 3 questions that I have tried to answer myself, but to-date failed -
I'm hoping you guys can point me in the right direction!


1.       How do I confirm the report received, so I'd like to send QSL (599
123) UR 599 321 321 et cetera. I've been messing about with the %F but found
no text sent under all combinations I have tried.

2.       How do I save my RTTY message configuration so I can import again
once I start a new log. I'm currently typing them in (and making random
mistakes doing it) each time I set the software up for a contest.

3.       Scrolling in RTTYrite window - I'm stuck with it - right?




Mark. G0MGX

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