[WriteLog] Sound board Check - how do I specify which sound card to check?

Don Hill AA5AU aa5au at bellsouth.net
Wed Dec 4 23:45:12 EST 2013

I didn't know the answer to this but I think I figured it out. When using sbrdchk.exe to test a sound card, make sure that sound
card is the default sound card for Windows.

In XP, I did this by going to Control Panel > Sound and Audio Devices > Audio tab > change both Recording and Playback devices to
the sound card you want to test. I have two sound sounds. One came up 7b and the other 7f.

73, Don AA5AU

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How do I tell Sound board Check which sound card to test?  It seems to be testing the default sound card that Windows, not the other
one installed for RTTY, etc.

I'm running WL 11.something.  I have made RTTY and PSK QSOs, so I know it's working.  I just want to "know the score"!

I did add this to my writelog.ini file but it didn't seem to make a difference:


Thanks - Jim

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