[WriteLog] Module for 10 meter rtty this weekend

Gary AL9A al9a at mtaonline.net
Fri Dec 6 17:20:09 EST 2013

Oops, pushed the wrong button.  Didn't have the link yet!

I almost got caught sleeping at the switch for this one!  Kind of snuck up
on me.

I was going to release this link after the ARRL 160M contest this weekend
for the ARRL 10M contest next weekend.  However, since this contest is also
on 10M the prefill history file I compiled for the ARRL 10M contest, CW &
SSB, will also work for this weekends 10M RTTY contest.


There are some small discrepancies that may pop up, but they are minor.  In
the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest AK, HI and XE are considered DX and will send a
serial number, while in the ARRL 10M contest they are considered states and
will send their state abbreviation.  As a result of using this prefill file
for the Ten-Meter RTTY stations in AK, HI and XE will prefill with their
state info.  Just clear it out and enter the serial number received.  VE
provinces should all be ok.

Gary AL9A

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One of the design criteria for the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest was that contest
loggers would not have to create another contest module.  Note that the
rules for this contest are identical to the ARRL RTTY Round-Up except it is
10 meters only, low power and Packet is permitted in all entry classes.

In other words, select the ARRL RTTY Round-Up in whatever logger you use and
have fun.

The rules for the Ten-Meter RTTY Contest state ...

6.3. All logs must be submitted in Cabrillo file format.  The CONTEST tag in
the Cabrillo header for this contest is TEN-RTTY. However, submitted
Cabrillo file logs may use ARRL-RTTY as the contest tag and the log
submittal robot will change it to TEN-RTTY.  This means you should select
ARRL RTTY Roundup in your contest program.  Optionally, you may use a text
editor to change the CONTEST: TEN-RTTY line or let the robot do it.  The
correct, and only, power category is LOW (CATEGORY-POWER:  LOW).  HIGH power
entries will be classified as CHECKLOGs.  The Cabrillo file must meet the
Cabrillo 2 or Cabrillo 3 ARRL RTTY Roundup template specification.



Dick W0RAA wrote:

Did I miss something?  I haven't seen any info on what WL module is being
used for the upcoming 10 meter RTTY Contest this weekend.

Can anybody help?

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