[WriteLog] Fail to Update CTY

Mike k4gmh at arrl.net
Sun Dec 29 13:27:37 EST 2013

Ed's, W0YK, and Ron's, N0AT, suggestion of my having a permission issue was
correct.  (OS XP)

When starting up the "RealCTY V10" a window titled "Run As" with a
question, "which user account do you want to use to run this program?"
would show up first.  In the window, "Protect my computer and data from
unauthorized program activity" was checked.  Removed the check and "RealCTY
V10" operation was successfully run.

Thanks for the help.

Happy New Year

  Mike, K4GMH

On Sun, Dec 29, 2013 at 12:36 PM, Mike <k4gmh at arrl.net> wrote:

> Hello,
> Been trying to update the CTY file in V11.17E, but seem to be running into
> a couple of error situations.
> Going through the "ReadCTY V10" using the "Download wl_cty.dat...." and
> immediately get error message, "Failed to download wl_cty.dat".
> In an attempt to install the latest CTY file, went ahead and downloaded
> the latest wl_ct.dat file to the Writelog>Program folder in place of the
> previous version of wl_ct.dat.  Ran the "Convert wl_cty.dat" found on the
> "ReadCTY V10" window with the "Reduce to lowest runtime memory use"
> checked.  After approx. 20 sec. of flashing "WORKING Please QRX", an error
> message window titled "DXCCDOS.DAT" with the message "Can't write output
> file!" showed up.  Clearing the "DXCCDOS.DAT" window another one popped up
> titled "DXCCWAE.DAT".  Clearing this error window, another one popped up
> titled "DXCCDOSMM.DAT".  Next error window was "DXCCWAEMM.DAT".
> "CQZONE.DAT" followed by "ITUZONE.DAT" were the final two error windows.
> Once all the above error windows were cleared, the "ALL DONE" showed up in
> the "ReadCTY V10" window.
> Failed to find similar situation(s) in the WL Archive.
> Any ideas on what to do?
>   73,
>   Mike, K4GMH

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